I Promise

To help you create a space where you can feel safe and supported, while encouraging you to realize your own power in childbirth.
My hope is to bring you reassurance, a few tips, and a bit of guidance, allowing you to feel confident transitioning into parenthood

Sacred Oasis   

Birth Services    


What do I Doula?

The labor, birth, and postpartum periods of our lives can seem like an enigma wrapped in a riddle. We can feel strong and empowered one day and the next question our own sanity. The thing is, historically speaking women don't do this alone. Doulas have served along side laboring women for as far back as our history is documented. So, what do I Doula exactly?

I serve you during and after labor regardless of where. (house, birth center, or hospital)

Simply put, I accept and honor your journey. I tend to your needs based on what you request of me sprinkled with my knowledge and intuition of the normal birth process. I often look for opportunities to help involve your loved ones that you wish to have present and encourage the dynamic which is most comfortable for you.

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My Training 

For me, certification was important and I chose to certify as a Labor and Postpartum Doula through a company that matched my enthusiasm for helping women. Madriella believes all women deserve to be supported and knowledgeable about birth as do I. It is my goal to share their fundamental principles with the families I work with. Shedding light on the natural birth processes and empowering families to take control of their birth stories is such an important part of remembering the strength we embody within.


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My Journey

To say I have been passionate about birth my entire life would be a bit of a fib but what I can say, and what everyone who knows me knows… I was in love with the fantasy of my own births. I have always danced to the beat of my own drum so it did not come as a surprise when I said with certainty that I wished to birth my babies as naturally as possible. Family joked because I could barely get through stubbing my toe without shouting out loud and I also sorta had my fears of course. Like many families we took a class and it helped me work through the fears.  After all, I already knew that my body could do just about anything I set my mind to because of my Mother’s own birth stories.  


Yet it was not until I experienced labor and birth first hand that my path became clear. 


As it happens, during my labor a Doula came in to talk for a few minutes and she even showed my mom how to put counter pressure on my lower back to assist with the pain I was feeling. I learned that unlike drugs Doulas offer a great deal more in the form of support and knowledge that can help minimize the pain and keep you focused. I learned just how invaluable their knowledge put to action can be and how seamlessly they help your spouse or loved one engage and support as well.  In that moment I knew I needed to become a Doula. It was because of this small yet defining interaction that Sacred Oasis Birth Services was conceptualized and to my absolute joy has become a reality. 


Wife . Mother . Doula


Power of Voice 

Labor and Birth are an intimate affair and you may want a private space during, so this offers you just that. To allow you privacy during birth you will have full support available to you by FaceTime, phone, or text to answer questions, provide suggestions, and to offer information if needed. With 3 Prenatal and 3 Postpartum visits, you won’t be short on care.




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Peace of Mind 
Token of Love 

Certainly, the most popular package, Peace of Mind offers you just that! As your Doula We will meet for 2 prenatal appointments during this time you get to discover your birth preferences and I help you create a plan. Once you are in active labor I remain by your side until baby is Earthside and you feel settled and confident. Then to make sure that you and baby are healing and bonding well, you have access to 3 postpartum visits as well.

Exactly what your mind, body, and spirit need to recover, this is more than just your average Doula Services. You get 3 prenatal visits and if you wish, I can paint your belly.  To help navigate labor a set of affirmation cards will be gifted to you for use and once in active labor I will remain with you until baby is Earthside and you feel settled and confident. As a symbol of your strength and power you will receive a beautiful handmade goddess pendant.  Then you will have access to 6 Postpartum visits to help you transition seamlessly. To honor your journey a homemade booklet will be gifted to you on my last visit.


Kind Words

We also want to welcome our new baby boy who entered the world lastnight at 8:05pm! It was a long process, 32+ hours awake and over 18 hours of labor, but we made it!! Wouldn't of had the strength to pull thru without the love and support of Garrett Bobst and Amber Seifts.

Victoria A.